Anxiety and Motivation

I was having problems writing a piece for Journey to Calm despite wanting to deep under the surface. This surface is made up of my anxiety predominantly and leaves me with doubt, fear, and low self-esteem. If you ever feel your anxiety is getting the best of you and have deadlines to meet, goals to accomplish and the like then perhaps this article will help.

As we know, anxiety can leave one with less dopamine that is required for our mental processes to function properly which can lead us feeling incapable which in turn affects our self-esteem and confidence in accomplishing tasks. ( Did you know that high-dopamine which is triggered by addictive behaviors can also cause anxiety and low functioning? Next time you plan to have a little too much to drink or go on that shopping spree, consider the long-term effects this is taking on your brain (ie: depression, disorganized thinking, blunted affect as well).

So how did I get out of my funk you might ask? As those who deal with this illness, there is no one stop shopping for a cure. One has to go through the motions of figuring out what routine or ‘recipe’ best works for them. Look at your stress levels – some individuals like to be busy and high-achieving and there’s nothing wrong with this,;I don’t believe you have to be living in stagnation in order to live a stress-free lifestyle. Taking a walk on a work break, eating a couple of healthy meals a day, socializing with an acquaintance that will likely do the trick in ridding that stress (which in turn releases cortisol impairing our judgement among other things).

I also used routine and time management effectively. As some of our anxiety friends might know, OCD is really difficult to deal with and one symptom of this particular anxiety illness is a need to overly-control one’s surroundings. So it was indeed not effective for me to put in my agenda ‘I must write an article for the blog’ without actually applying myself or dedicating a specific period of time to this. What I’m trying to say is that those with OCD might want to relax on the routine/time slot issue they have but not so much that you’re not getting things done. Let’s find that happy medium!

Finally, I used meditation to become self-aware and aware as to how this goal (in my case, writing for Journey to Calm) would bring me contentment and why it was important to me. How did this goal fit into my overall life’s purpose (without overthinking things of course, again that happy medium is important!)? Well I enjoy writing ultimately and find it therapeutic and I enjoy helping others. This meditation really did allow me to come to that conclusion and make the time needed for this goal. Now, some counsellors and professionals abide by the SMART acronym to get by but for myself, these three points above (stress, planning, meditation) are what really paved the way for me. I hope it does for you too. Do you happen to have any other tricks that help you achieve things when anxiety has gotten you down? Leave them in the comments! : )

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