Little Fidgets – Sensory Toys

Sensory toys that are both visually exciting & tactile can help children cope with worries,
anxiety, anger, sadness & many other confusing feelings they may experience.

They can also help a child to self soothe during such times.

And they are lots of FUN!!!

When working with children, including those with ASD, ADHD or other Special
Educational Needs, ‘Fidget Kits’ can help. They can offer a distraction, a new focus,
help ease upset & stress, fear & anxiety; while also freeing the child to talk.

The use of ‘Fidget Kits’ can provide a fun & calming influence.

A ‘Fidget Kit’ can be beneficial to all parents, carers, teachers, SENCOs & anyone
who works closely with, or has, children who experience worries/anxiety/stress.

They can equally be a valuable part of any children’s counsellors ‘toolkit’ to help
children feel more relaxed during counselling sessions when big feelings are being

With all of this in mind, and some personal experience to boot….we decided to carefully place
together our own ‘Fidget kits’, making them available to anyone who may find them useful. From small travel kits to large Bumper kits which come with a storage box, there is something for everyone.

Not wanting to leave the grown ups out….some of our kits can prove helpful to adults with anxiety,
or those trying to stop smoking, stop biting their nails or just wanting to stop fidgeting with
other things!

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